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ARIES:   As this year comes to an end, your Angels want you to know that there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate. As you notice that much has come full circle, and you have a community of friends that are eager to hear your wonderful news and stories, especially  as you communictae in a more empowered way because of a a year of spiritual growth and deep inner insight. You are finally feeling safe to take down your defenses.

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TAURUS:  Could it be, as this year comes to an end, and a new one is near, you are feeling that you may have found your niche. Your Angels suggest as you get ready to dive in to your renewed "sense" of purpose, that you first be still, surrender to nonaction, get focused, and simply be prepared and let others find you. New beginnings unfolding.



CANCER:  In these next couple of months, as you surrender your role of people pleasing, what you have been trying to "get" will happen sooner and easier when you change directions in your actions.  Your Angels are flipping the compass on your inner guidance to be aware of new activity and distraction that is leading you to more of what you really wanted all along.

PISCES:  These next couple of months can end an era of frustration, and resolve a situation or dilemna that has been blocking your progress.  Your Angels suggest you get a laser focus of your intended result, and release any feelings of guilt, regret, or worry, for you have done the best you can with what you had to work with. The time has come to move forward and towards the recognition you desreve. Believe.

CAPRICORN:  Your Angels want you to be open to some amazing psychic insights that may be forming these next couple of months.  Pay attention to your dreams and any unusual vibes that nudge at your gut that provides valuable information. Looks like what you need could magically appear, as you pay attention to the clues, and heed their guidance and direction.

SCORPIO:  So Your Angels are gearing you up for a year of change, and to finally release yourself from burdensome situations. It is time to let go of all the fearful stories you have been telling yourself, and focus and go after what you truly desire. Be sure to celebrate every baby step forward, as you continue to attract helpful people along the way, so that you stay the course to the finish line.

SAGITTARIUS:   These next two months offer up a sudden revelation that offers an opportunity to break free of a situation that has had you feeling trapped. Your Angels nudge you into action, and to stop the procrasination, as you embrace the opportunities of new resources of money, time and support. Its time to promote your talents and skills, or be prepared for some sort of promotion. 

GEMINI:  As this year wraps up, you have already decided to let go of unhealthy relationships that don't serve you. You have learned much about yourself, and your Angels also bring to your attention that you deserve to be treasured by others, and to be surrounded by loving and positive people. Be aware of your emotions, and move toward the magic of life.

LEO: As the year comes to a close, you know it is time to make an important decision. Your Angels suggest that you "detox" first, so that you have a clarity about what you truly want. You have been hanging on way too tightly to a desired outcome, almost to the point of sabotage. Get "clear" with yourself, do what you can to make it happen, but then let go of your "attachment" to the results, so the energy can flow in your favor.

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AQUARIUS: As this year comes to a close, your Angels urge you to stay determined and keep marching forward toward that prize you have your eyes on.  It is a time to be prepared for any possibility, but be sure to release your attachment to the outcome. As you take a more positive approach, allow your faith and trust to "move" you to the winners circle of success.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  

Angel Skye Vibes Nov & Dec  2017 (Holiday Season Edition)

​Ponder this:  "Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love."  Hamilton Wright Mable

LIBRA:  These next two months are about making bold and ambitious choices, for great progress is possible. Your Angels are lining up positive, new emotional experiences that could be not only be romantically fulfilling, but could also include new like-minded people into your inner circle, plus financial gains, and even deep and lasting spiritual insights that can evaporate "any" addictions that shall be replaced with healthier alternatives, including people.


VIRGO:  These next couple of months bring an energy forth that things are about to change, again! Even if you get an uneasy feeling surrounding this change, your Angels are reminding you that you are cared for always. There is much to accomplish, as well as much to be grateful for. You still have time to make another detailed plan, as you continue to have faith that all is, and will be, well.

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