SCORPIO:  These next 2 months, your Angels want to celebrate you in a way that you are not normally "used" to. There seems to be some kind of important life event that somehow "shifts" the spotlight on to you, that also leads to a significant change, either in your thinking or your doing. More importantly, this will be reflective of your true "being." 

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ARIES: The next couple months may bring revelation of spiritual  justice at work, for unexpected events that occur at such great speed, could never have been this planned out by a "human" logical mind.  Your Angels could be delivering surprise options that serve as a creative solution to something that once was believed near unattainable. 

TAURUS:  Your Angels wonder if you are really listening to the song and dance you are mentally and outwardly projecting? Is this an "original", or does it sound like the "record" is broken or skipping a beat? These next 2 months is your opportunity to change your tune and "strum" up the courage to simply march to the beat of your own drum. 


CAPRICORN:  As you continue to learn to fine-tune the proper use of spiritual knowledge, you may find it necessary to step away from the crowd or something that "crams" your personal space. In this separation and detachment, your Angels may amplify your "connections" to what you truly value and devote your time to in these next few months.

PISCES:  As this year comes to an end, these next 2 months, you will be focusing on balancing your emotions in regards to preparing for your future career and/or personal goals. Your Angels suggest to just start with "baby" steps, for there really is no "gold" rush to your next "stop." Gather data and facts, and release any assumed conclusions, so that your next choice shall be of confidence, and not the feeling of walking a "tight" rope.



LIBRA: ​​ There is something you have shelved mentally, and have kept so safe and secure that may have become buried under the weight of other "stored" hurts or memories of days gone by. As this year comes to an end, your Angels are bringing you a spiritual "you" haul to start digging into the pile of rubble that is keeping the best "part" of you trapped.  Get ready to reclaim and reboot those special gifts and talents once again. Welcome back.


"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

LEO:  Your Angels encourage you to "stick" with it, even though others may be sticking it to you. Interestingly, this month, and next, may put other's in a temporary standstill with their hidden agendas, but it certainly gives you time to gain a different perspective, as you continue to push forward by simply being your"self" and "standing" your ground. 

​​​​​VIRGO:  Your Angels want you to know that the sooner you "open" your heart to some of the unfamiliar pathways that surrounds you, the sooner events will start moving at a much faster pace by next month. Where you were feeling so "closed" off from a solution, it is in your willingness to step into the unknown that now "opens" the door to a new opportunity for relief, and towards a more relaxed way of operating successfully.  

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AQUARIUS:   Your Angels do encourage your independence and self reliance, but these next couple of months may require the "fresh" perspective of a very objective thinker, or perhaps a qualified expert, mentor or professional. This is not the time to go it alone, for where you may have been feeling a bit off track, another can surely show you doable options, so that you can now redirect your map to happiness and success.

CANCER:   This is simply a couple of months to pause, go within, and allow the spiritual teaching of "self" discovery. Your Angels are bringing forth much information to create a portal of peace and harmony. It is in the humble prayer of "Thanks" and gratitude that this is enough for you to realize that you, too, are enough. 

​​​​SAGITTARIUS:  This month, and next, could be of unexpected magic and energy, for those behind-the-scenes spiritual workers (your Angels) are putting the "finishing" touches on your most recent project or product. What's done is done. You know this has been forever in the making, and the surprise of why you thought you were doing it, will be the most awesome revelation of all in the bigger picture of things.

GEMINI:  You may have been feeling like you are ready to fall off a cliff. But,these next 2 months beckons for you to really re-assess this situation and leave the part out where you may be under-estimating yourself.  Your Angels say this is the "pause" before the leap of faith. The hesitant jump into the realm of a happier choice. Right now, you need to only assert your self reliance, and "own" your own life.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  



 Ponder this: "There's something about a holiday that isn't all about how much money you spend."  Hilarie Burton