PISCES:You have been asking and searching for a specific answer to this situation, and soon that information is flowing forth to help you, but which may also be difficult to take in. It's not so much about what you hear, it's about what will you now do with this information. Your Angels will guide you toward the changes you must make and/or complete, since you can no longer use the excuse that you are not sure what to do cause you didn't have enough info or details. This is not the time to block the blessing of a prayer answered.

​​​​​VIRGO:  Your journey of family, relatives and relationships has called for alot of forgiveness, resolutions, appreciation and gratitude. Your Angels are about to bless you with a "bigger picture" as to why we go thru what we go thru at times. Careful reflection and trusting your intuition before taking any impulsive action, will lead to key insights that will lead to something of more balanced and fulfilling, and perhaps some exciting news arriving where "congratulations" may be in order.

SAGITTARIUS:    Much may have "dropped" into your routine world of planning and structure. Your Angels notice that you may be questioning as to how you will make all this work. Understandable, but by buzzing around trying to include these new changes and routines, take a little time out to review the details carefully, and realize that it is time for a shift and to simply drop the old regime and embrace the moving towards this major life change. You are wired to handle it, and have faith that all is well.

CAPRICORN:This is not the time to be deterred by these new obstacles along your path, for you are being led to a unique trustworthy person who can give you wise and compassionate advice, and who speaks directly from their heart. They have nothing to gain from this communication other than being the "earth Angel"  assigned to help you manifest a future of creativity and to eventually partner with others who share similar dreams and ambition. This new view and perception will pull you out of the rut of complacency and get your footing on a faster track to soul fulfillment.

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"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

ARIES:  Your Angels ask that you set aside any concerns for now, as you also take a brief review of the past, so you can make a "clear"decision later in regards to planning a brighter future. Releasing judgements of yourself and others will allow a better understanding so your heart can lead the way to more of a life with deeper meaning.

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SCORPIO:  Your Angels say that you can only resolve your conflict with others or another, if and when you decide the matter at "heart" is worth your time and energy. Until your heart is in it, your mind will keep distracting you with elaborate "stories" that hold very little truth and keep you from the thing you want the most. Pay attention to what you are listening to, and remember that the heart doesn't lie.

LIBRA:  After making it through all those challenges and integrating the lessons that life offered you with courage and persistence, your Angels applaud you on successfully accomplishing what you set out to do, even if it took years to journey through it. By shifting the way you look at this situation, you now have aligned a happier change for your career, money, health goals, and even help and connection from authentic like-minded others. 

AQUARIUS:   You to may be feeling at odds with yourself or others, or recently got hit with opposing goals coming from differing opinions as to how to do your life. Your Angels have arrived to help you release the past and move on to this next chapter that is starting, even if it showed up "out of the blue." It is a set up for a happier future, for these changes have appeared to get you more in tune with a new and deeper "why" as to what and how you do things from here on out. You may surprise yourself of what you are really made of and what you can accomplish with a "spiritual" ease.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  

Angel Skye Vibes FEBRUARY 2018

Ponder this:" Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place."  Zora Neale Hurston

GEMINI:  Your Angels say that this is a great month for new focus, and recognize that you have what it takes, if only you believed in yourself more. These thoughts of "what is lacking" with you or around you can keep you from getting what you truly desire. You are growing stronger from this situation, and soon you will be surrounded by more comfort and love.

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LEO:  It appears you may be embarking on a new adventure.  Your Angels recognize that while this may feel very overwhelming and stressful, remember the boot camp you have gone thru was getting you ready to embrace your true purpose. This will only work the way you want it to when you trust your"self", speak your truth, and proceed fearlessly regardless of what others or another "think". Sooner or later you have to "get", it is your life, too, that you try to breathe into, and catch a breath from everyday.

CANCER:   It may be time to find a mentor or spiritual advisor and take a break from society and their menacing demands. Your Angels urge that you stop and take time to review and make some new long-term plans that will help you to capitalize on your past and current successes. Patience with others will clearly be needed for this phase of readjustment to phase out and to play out.

TAURUS:   As emotionally fulfilling your life may be with family, children, and/ or friends, your Angels suggest that this is a time to be more practical with respect to how you will proceed in the coming months. Taking a few steps back to care for other lingering and "taxing" issues that tug at you, won't delay your progress, but actually get you more up to speed.