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ARIES:   Your Angels want you to explore some of the beliefs of your family and upbringing. You may notice that some of that programming and conditioning may be holding your "adult" self back in terms of wealth, relationships and matching the opportunities to your higher self. You may have been loyal to the "tribe" and their happiness for far to long, and it may be time to release those old patterns and become more loyal to your "self" and what really matters to creating your "home base" of happiness.

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GEMINI:   Your Angels flip the green light of "go" in regards to a major purging of everything and anything that is no longer serving "you" and your spiritual growth. The evidence of this is the noticing of what is breaking down, falling apart, has quit working, or things just not going your way, because an old cycle is completing. Allow yourself this sacred time to sweep out the remnants of that "other" life, because the Universe has plans that are better than you can imagine. Trust what is coming forth, and know it's about "time."

PISCES: This month you may feel you have landed at a major crossroads, and whether you fear success or failure, your Angels know you will have to make a choice no matter what. You may have been prolonging this for quite some time, and where you might have felt you were being "cornered" and trapped, this is where you will see at this "forced" intersection of life, that you really do have other options. Release the fear, grasp that ounce of courage, and proceed knowing you have been guided to a beneficial way out and on to a better outcome than just staying stuck and delusionally safe.​

LEO:   Your Angels say that your prayers are being heard, and will be answered quicker  as soon as you start, and/ or continue to work on your "self" care. Are you really istening to your heart? Do you feel that some of these never-ending challenges are a result of you not being true to your heart? If you are struggling, open your heart to the Divine Angel "beings" and or "Spirit guides" to intervine on your behalf, and you just might be surprised of the "gift" of change that may occur. Your "ego" may disagree with the results, but your deepest heart"s longing will align with the life altering experience you have been praying for.



Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  

Angel Skye Vibes MARCH 2018

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​​​​​VIRGO:   Your Angels notice that you are entering into a cycle where it will be very important to do the right thing for the right reason. What use to be a "head strong" plan or routine is now calling for flexibility, and to remain a bit cautious, so that you can implement "wise" action instead of a triggered "past" reaction.  Having this awareness will bring you more success for your efforts and intentions, because you have created an improved self discipline to "stay open" to a new way, and staying out of "yours", which is just no longer serving you. This cycle of change will do you good.

SAGITTARIUS:    So there you were happily skipping down the path to your dreams and inspirations, and then came this surpise news and announcement that flipped your map upside down. Your Angels want you to know that perhaps the trail you were following, although felt right, but your spiritual GPS is now redirecting your plans and next steps. You are not totally lost in the wilderness, in fact, you are closer to your true aspirations than you could ever imagine. No need to "ditch" the old plans, it just that the Universe has included an awesome"new" revision. Stay tuned.

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TAURUS:   Your Angels encourage you to pay special attention to your dreams this month, for they may be offering up insight and possible resolve in regards to a current health issue or a situation that has you feeling a bit "under the weather." It is especially a fertile time to receive message from a departed loved one, or long lost friend, that may offer you peace of heart or motivation to persevere through any  challenge before you.


SCORPIO: This is a time that is stirring up desires of your heart, and your Angels encourage you to surrender to vulnerability, your fear of losing control, rejection, and of deeper connection and intimacy.  By opening up and facing these fears head on, you also open the door to passion and purpose. How can you keep expecting all of another or others, if you hold back on the most amazing parts of you. This is a time to nourish your heart's yearning, start connecting with others authentically, and allow yourself to see how "loving" and caring your life can be. It really does start with you.

CANCER:  At times your imagination can exagerate your reality and cause undue stress and expectation.  Your Angels encourage you to guide your imagination through the filter of intention, and access new ideas without putting any kind of judgement upon them. This is a time to concentrate on a section of your "being-ness" where you need to be more creative and finally get unstuck from a story of fiction that keeps taking you back to the "drawing" board. Prepare to "move" in another direction that will get you "real" results for your efforts.

CAPRICORN: Your Angels are noticing that your "wild child" is stirring up a ruckus inside your soul, for it is being crushed by your dulled senses and lack lustre creativity. "Let me out of here"!! The volcano that you feel rumbling inside, and the frustration around a suffering situation and/or relationship, is an energy calling for you to "express" that untamed self, and stop living a sham. This bold, brave part of you that is acting "up" is dying to be set free, for behind it, follows "your" truth and a renewed passion for the life you were meant to live and celebrate.

LIBRA:  This month may be starting out slow, but your Angels are orchestrating a wonderful plan in answer to your many pleas of help due to frustration and lack of clear directions. This "slow down" permits you to simply pause and pay attention to the repetitive signs and signals that are the clear evidence of something amazing is in the "works." Your Angels will be giving you synchronistic occurences and events that are aligned with like-minded support. Your own "body wisdom" is also giving you validation that things are happening for a reason, and to remain faithful to the positive outcome.

AQUARIUS:  Your Angels want you to know that the only boulder standing in your way to the life you imagined, is the self criticism, unrealistic expectations and perfectionism of an annoying chatterbox chirping in your head that keeps you in a struggle of striving and accomplishing, instead of enjoying the process of what you have been creating and the wonderful effect you have on others. Its great you have the self discipline to deliver the "goods", but when will you take time out to enjoy what you have earned? It's time to create a new "why" as to what keeps you going, but also allows you to bask and enjoy in the harvest of that dedication instead of deprivation.