​​​​SAGITTARIUS:  Your Angels ask that you release your belief in lack and scarcity, and open to the universal law of abundance. As you remove old blocks of "not enough" and start with simple gratitude of what is in place now, you will notice that you are enough, and you have more than enough, therefore "more" will appear, and success may unfold beyond what you could imagine had you not left the old world of lack and limitations. What you think about, you bring about.

TAURUS:   This month, do your self a favor, and let others be right. If both parties didnt feel they were right, there would not be an argument. Your Angels suggest to allow some space and flexibility within your thinking. Soon you will see a turn around and an improvement with your relationships. Right?


CANCER:  So if lately, you have been spun up tight and tense, or are being unflexible about something, your Angels suggest that you be aware of that rigidity and allow your"self" some relief and release. By doing so, this will assist you being much more loving to others, but more so unto yourself.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  




Ponder this: "Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory."  Dr. Suess

PISCES: This month is the perfect time to start eliminating the habit of people pleasing. Oh yeah, your Angels are backing you up to start being true to yourself, instead of sacrificing your "life minutes" trying to make everyone else happy. People are as happy as they decide to be. Therefore, saying "no" will be heard as a complete sentence, and you can spend that time on developing a new habit of self care and self love.


CAPRICORN:    Your Angels want you to know that is time for a situation or relationship to shift. You are finally accepting the fact that it is not your job to fix this. It never was. Your focus now is on what you know you can change FOR you, and therefore leaving others to be responsible and/or accountable for what needs changed with them. Detach and go forth, and let them figure out their own "fix."

LIBRA: ​​ Your Angels want you to know that part of your procrastination has to do with lack of play. To keep going at this pace of always working, your soul is becoming more resentful of the daily imbalances, and are forcing you to "pump the brakes." Time to do some fun things first, and then the energy will return to take those other actions that will attract success. Fun is your new "F" word.



"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

ARIES:   This month is about accepting that what "you" want to happen and when, will certainly differ from the divine timing that is in place. Your Angels suggest that if things are not happening quick enough according to your ego, it is for you to step back, be patient, and trust the Universe's "go with the flow."

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SCORPIO: Your Angels notice that you are still carrying outdated beliefs about yourself that originated from the past and are not serving you in this moment. It is clearly time to shut the door on other's opinions and judgements that may have halted your growth, and now go forth and reclaim and own your power, so you may be who you "know" you are capable of being. Drop the load and fly.

GEMINI:   Your Angels say that the key to the positive change you are praying for, is to allow yourself to feel joy. Go out and just smile, and do it because you can. This simple "act" alone will start the process of "attracting" more joy, peace, and love, of which will create an energy ball of positive change to keep rolling towards you.

​​​​​VIRGO:    Your Angels suggest that this month is the perfect time to stop comparing yourself to other people. It is a time to take the focus off others and put it on to your own skills, talents, attractiveness, strength and personal power. This act alone will help to drain some of the drama from your current situation.

AQUARIUS:    The Angels want you to know that your body has its own "spider sense" when it comes to certain people and situations. If you feel drained, uneasy or physical discomfort, it is heeding you warning or "be aware." If you feel your stomach "sigh with relief", energy flowing in your veins, and a happy brightness in your steps, you "know" it is safe to move forward. Pay attention.

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LEO:   Your Angels suggest that you stop fighting "what is, and what if", and start accepting that it is what it is, and go from there. Very simply, you can't change what you won't acknowledge, and some things are totally out of your control to change. Accepting this will bring you closer to a place of peace within.

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