"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

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LEO:  You have had at least a year of opportunities for new beginnings and second chances, and are you finally ready to take the leap? Your Angels have downloaded you with many memories and recall so you could sift, sort and purge the old patterns of pain, martyrdom, addictions, and approval seeking. It is important that you remember "accurately" as to what made you feel "sure" of yourself and your unique gifts, and what drained your spirit and had you feeling trapped and scared like a 5 year old. It is time to free yourself of what you know "castrates" your creativity, and get back in the game of being your "heartfelt" authentic self. 

SCORPIO:It looks like something new and exciting related to your "work" or creative side is getting ready to come into focus. Your Angels are voicing this announcement and also letting you know that this will also "produce" a wonderful emotional experience. For one thing, it seems like this will be spiritually and intuitively guided, of which is the most exciting part of turning this page, for it has been awhile you could feel that inner guidance "connection" and fully trust it. Even if insecurities surface, just welcome the eagerness to open up to this new phase of motivation and momentum.

CANCER:  Your Angels question, are you really moving forward or just creating activity and avoidance by trekking thru the back streets to avoid the red lights, and find you still end up at the same spot with everyone else?  Being aware of the illusion will veer you back on track to your vision. Stop wasting time running in circles with those that don't speak your "language", and get on board with like-minded others who aren't afraid of sitting in the traffic jam, or constantly thinking they have to do something different. Sometimes it is just easier and faster to just go with the flow to get to where you want to go.

ARIES:  Your Angels want you to know that many of the seeds you have planted have now come into bloom, except for a few "surprise" seeds you did not know was in the mix. For you to see what truly sprouts out of this, you will need to have discipline and patience, for these seeds have more to do with your deepest dreams of your new lifestyle, and yet, this dream needs to reveal itself slowly, so that you can clearly discern fantasy from reality. But, it is not the time to put off a difficult decision that you know is best for your well-being just because you don't want to upset something or someone. 

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TAURUS: Your Angels have heard your prayers and quiet sobs for help, and they are banding together to create a solution or resolution to this stressful situation. As you release your grip on the controls, events begin to shift forward. It is important to search your heart and get in to the groove of having confidence and trust in your "inner guidance", for soon, you may need to make some quick decisions due to the acceleration of stalled events or another's actions or non-actions. 


​​​​​VIRGO:    It appears that it is time to get new information and new insights, for you are "sick" of getting sad and sorrowful results of a routine or remedy that is simply outdated. Your Angels want you to seek out diversity, and receive a new inner strength by blending the ideas of others with your own. This can lead to an amazing solution and perhaps a win-win outcome for all involved. It is just about being open to the new that has been discovered, and yet has been covered up, or hard to believe. Remember, even when the "explorers" discovered new lands, people were still being told and continued to believe the world was flat! Go and "see" for yourself.

LIBRA:  Your Angels want you to notice the big difference between what you think about "it", and how you feel about "it." It's time to stop over-thinking all the scenarios, and just get real with your feelings. This is where the change you desire begins. Yes, it has been the most confusing situation ever, but as you honor your true feelings about how you really feel at the end of the day, you can now detach from negative thoughts, situations or others who "level" your attempts to following your true path. It feels great to be awake and aware, and it feels even better to be the "authority" in your own life. "Be" the change, and watch what changes.


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AQUARIUS:   Soon you will feel a sigh of relief from a situation that has been troubling you. With a bit of emotional residue left over from all the challenging times that are now behind you, all you need is a good lint brush to feel more clear. It may have took everything you got to get thru this, but now energies will be restored and you can just sink into this new way of life, and even start to enjoy it. The worst is behind you, and your Angels applaud your tenacity, perseverence, courage and best efforts, and this month starts to feel more "normal", especially after adjusting to that unexpected new norm.

GEMINI:   So you have been rockin around on some turbulent waters, and your Angels in the "lighthouse" are noticing that the storms have finally passed, and now you can see that your new destination is within sight, and you are headed to safe shores, and maybe even a "day at the beach!" While you were fighting to stay afloat in that sea of emotions, all that rocking the boat allowed some of the things you have been travelling with be thrown overboard. Yay! Let them sink or float away. Get out your new "life" jacket and wear it with a spring in your step, as you now "anchor" yourself for happier times and connections.

PISCES:    It may seem much has changed around relationships, but your Angels call upon you to take special time for yourself to be quiet and reflect on the desires of your heart thru prayer or meditation. It seems much has been asked of you that you can no longer deliver. You have been more than loyal to others, and now it is time to be loyal to yourself without apology or explanation. Ask your heart for the truth of this situation and run the guidance thru your gut and bypass the ego. The heart won't lie, and your gut knows the truth. It's the best "chill pill" you can take right now.

CAPRICORN:  You may feel as if you are being restricted and restrained by the situation and circumstance you find yourself in, but your Angels want you to know that it is just an illusion. It is time to be unafraid to make a promise to your "self" to refuse to be held hostage or stuck in a situation that clearly reeks unhappiness. If you are waiting for something or someone else to change or rescue you, you are wasting precious time and energy, when you can easily free yourself. What you are trying to control, is now controlling you. Detach, let go, and you will know the freedom of choice, and the choice really is yours of what you will or will not tolerate one minute more.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  




Ponder this:  "Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own." Oprah Winfrey


SAGITTARIUS:  Your Angels know how much has changed and keeps changing in your life, and this month you're being called upon to claim or reclaim your personal power. You don't have to know how to do every little thing, but you can certainly rely on that part of you that knows you are a quick learner. Its awesome that others have helpful hints and tips, but also remember you have great instincts and insights of when you "know" to follow them over the advice of others.