"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

GEMINI:   There may be some hang ups about the way you use to always do things, but your Angels are alerting you that there is a better way.  As you reflect on the "past", you may gain some valuable insight, that nudges you to dare to be different, and to do things differently.  The awareness that you really are starting a new way of life is the key that unlocks the door to a more fulfilling future.

LIBRA:   Yes, everything happens for a reason, and it happens for you and and not to you, so release any regret, and grab on to the silver lining that your Angels are happy to unveil.  Dreams are about to be revealed and fulfilled, and all that hard work and patience with the process is leading to success, along with deep and lasting spiritual insights. Your inner compass knew the way and the "timing" all along.


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Special combined months summer edition. Be back September. Enjoy the summer!

Ponder this: “We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.”  Dr. Henry Link 

SAGITTARIUS: Who knew your heart could feel so deep, as you are about to enter situations or topics that make your heart get all fluttery. Your Angels are downloading you with powerful psychic insights that will provide valuable info that may feel eerily familiar, but is letting you know you have done and felt this before, and you are on the right path, so stay with your committed relationships, even if it is just to yourself. 

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ARIES:  Your Angels say, "yes" it is safe to trust, for your plans are working out quite well, especially around professional and financial situations. Also, trusting yourself proves to be even more successful, for you now have a flow of energy to accomplish many tasks at once, plus using your resources more wisely.

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AQUARIUS:   You are about to enter into a new emotional situation which may throw a curve ball to your material desires. But your Angels assure you that those material needs get fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways. It is because your emotions will be moved in such a way that gives new purpose as to why you want the things you want. Something deeper, more meaningful shows you the "why", and some great spiritual insights will reveal the "how." A time to give and receive with a grateful kind heart.

CAPRICORN:  So your Angels notice a bit of magic in the air, for you are finally knowing exactly what to do, therefore, you can manifest the life you want. All these accumulated experiences have press hard on you to get you to the point of shaking off what you know distracts and disappoints, and with a lighter load of guilt and resentment, what you need will start to magically appear. You may notice that this is more a time for your career instead of relationships.

SCORPIO: You may have been resistant to all the changes before you, but your Angels remind you that you have been wanting change for quite sometime. Only thing is, it's not about wanting others to change for you, but for you to change how you relate to others, and especially to your "self." Also any extremes of how you save or spend money may also be showing you what you "value" or lack.  It's all connected, so make the "change."

CANCER:  Your Angels suggest that instead of worrying about this situation, to focus your thoughts on the outcome you wish to see. Allow yourself to detach and view it from a more objective mind set. You can then see where imagination may have been feeding some unfounded fears, and where you can also see what is, is.  Trust the facts that can produce a reality that is more believeable.

TAURUS:   Even though there is so much to accomplish, your Angels advise to keep your focus on the big picture, and leave the details to others. Although you may have a very detailed plan, letting go of the "how" is what will lead to some coincidental events that will allow this to get done in a much more orderly way.


PISCES:   Your Angels notice that you may have been working multiple projects or jobs at once, but it is important to create a new balance of work and play. Allowing yourself to plan more wisely can actually produce more prosperity, fun, and you can be more optimistic about plans turning out as expected. Just a simple step back can give you the bigger picture view of the forest, and not just the trees. Notice what you have been missing, and make space for it.

LEO:  Even though there has been an assortment of bumps in the road that may have stalled or slowed your progress, your Angels say you could soon have reasons to celebrate. New ideas may have been rolling around in your head, but until you clear up communication problems with others, you won't be heard, or will have "deaf" responses from those you keep waiting to hear from. This mirror "reflection" has been showing you over and over again what needs cleared up, and then the flow of your creativity can run free again, that can lead to the "cheers!"

​​​​​VIRGO:   This is a time of self control and steady determination. Your Angels know that this will all be better and even easier if you would get clear with your decision. You are headed toward a chance to be something or do something amazing, but you may need to stop over-analyzing all the what ifs. Trust why you headed in this direction in the first place, and stay open to a sense of awe and wonder as this unfolds beautifully.