PISCES:   After a challenging year of trying to maintain your sanity, your Angels request that this year you surrender to knowing your value and worth, and in one particular re-occurring situation, know that there is a better choice. You haven't been viewing this clearly, and have been running away from the truth. Now that you are encouraged to "own" your worth, stand your ground and claim what you deserve, and you know THAT is the truth.

LEO:   You may claim how loyal you are to others and to the tasks at hand, but your Angels ask how loyal are you to your "self?" Right now the success and love you are seeking, will come from the dedication and self-discipline to being loyal to what you love about you, and then allowing the spotlight to shine on that. 

"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

LIBRA: Much of the last year was spent on reviewing the past, releasing judgments of yourself and others, and now your Angels nudge you to the present to plan a bright new future. Slow and steady is the pace as you call in a partner you can trust, people and friends who care from the heart, and getting back on track to understanding and fulfilling your life's purpose. You are now headed to "home base" where you score big time!




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ARIES:   The Angels say that you are entering into a time of which it is important to be grateful, for soon you will have much to celebrate. These deep feelings of happiness and peace will also ease the path that can assist in overcoming  any obstacles that may appear. Trust your choices as you  embrace a personal life of contentment. 

SCORPIO: Your Angels request that you stay alert and use your mind wisely, for a wave of energy is headed your way that can easily sweep you off your feet. This is fairly awesome stuff coming forth and could be very captivating and dramatic as well. It is important to stay grounded and mindful during this emotional adventure, so that you can take it all in and not miss a moment of it.


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  



Ponder this: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."  Ayn Rand

TAURUS:  Your Angels suggest that by all means ask for the help you need from others, but also reclaim and remain true to your independence. You may have been burdened with too many responsibilities, but now is the time to seek a balance of work and dedicated play time.


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GEMINI:   This is a time to manage your internal and external resources wisely, and trust in divine detours. Things happen for a reason, and your Angels ask that you achieve a balance in how you spend and save money, as well as re-directing yourself from those who have tried to drain your value and worth.

​​​​​VIRGO:   So as the new year begins, your Angels suggest that you plan your next actions with a focus to the long term. Trust that the abundant Universe will provide, as you have patience towards the wonderful things that are yet to come. This is more than just a pat on the back, but also something you can "bank" on. Stay true to your intentions.

​​​​SAGITTARIUS:  So, yes, the Angels know how protective and dependable you can be, but they ask that you remain open to learning something new or in a new way. This is a time of cautious but wise action, and being meticulous in paying attention to detail. Something or someone will download you with new knowledge to put a "sense" of ease into your work, daily life and peace of mind.

CAPRICORN:   So your Angels notice that you are entering into a beautiful state of transformation. Your year may be starting out by cherishing quality time to your"self", and reflecting on the past journey up until now. Much is headed towards you in the form of rewards for all your hard work,and the possibility of being successful and happy with a form of self-reliance and/or self-employment. However way, you are becoming the "boss" of you.

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CANCER:   This year you are entering into a new realm of taking a leap of faith. For too long you may have been haunted by unfounded fear and focusing on worse -case scenarios. Your Angels ask that you trust more of where your heart's leading you, and allow the worrying of the what-ifs to evaporate.

AQUARIUS:    In the past year, much of your life has changed dramatically. Going forward into this new year, your Angels encourage you to take some time out and set aside some of your concerns for now. By giving this some space, solutions will appear faster, and will arrive for those decisions in the perfect timing and with a clear head. You have strong support around you, so you don't have to feel alone or have to do this by yourself. Tap in.