CAPRICORN: You may be coming into a time where information that could help you, could also be difficult to hear and absorb. Your Angels want you to be cautious, pay attention to every detail, but do take wise action. You will gather excellent advice from others, but the best source of counsel will come from your heart. Is your heart still in this? Do you have a happy heart? A time to truly listen to your heart before making your next "move."

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ARIES:   So after much upheaval and confusion, your Angels say it is time to focus and go after your dreams. Release your addictive thoughts to what you keep thinking you have to be or have to do more of. Take the energy of those thoughts into imagining of how you want your life to feel like. Create a new day in a new way, and trust what your heart keeps voicing.

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TAURUS:   The amount of time you have spent overanalyzing all the options, you may have missed the ultimate opportunity that was standing in plain sight.  Now that your Angels have awakened you to those unfounded fears and worst case scenarios, you can now "grow" out any worries that were out of proportion to what the real issue was. Look within and revise your belief system.


SCORPIO: You can keep holding on to this, or you can let go of the past and let this ending make way for new opportunities or new beginnings. For so long you may have been feeling powerless, when your Angels clearly say that you are not. A welcome relief from some difficult and trouble times, for positive changes are on the way. It is important to revamp your confidence factor so that you can ease into more of what you truly desire. Moving on could also lead to moving to another location that is more fitting to what you call "home", even if it's with your"self."

LIBRA:   Remember when others would look and judge you, and instead of seeing and valuing you for who you are, they had a way of dimming your light. The Angels are giving you heightened awareness that what they were really judging was only from the reflective lense of what they were lacking within themselves.. Something is shifting that echos a total transformation, a "rewrite" that captures the truth and will soon deliver to you a beautiful poetic justice.


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I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  

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Angel Skye Vibes MAY 2018

Ponder this: "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticized anyway." Eleanor Roosevelt 


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CANCER:  A step up to the next level has come, and as long as you did not step on another's back to get there, you should enjoy the view of your new location.  A journey has come to completion with a new road map in view. Your Angels ask that you "unmask" your defenses, and trust this next process, or perhaps you will be asked to step aside until you are truly operating on your authentic power.

SAGITTARIUS:  Even though you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with money challenges, your Angels want you to know that your discipline to stay "balanced" is getting ready to pay off. So much of your life and daily regime is about to change, everything from the way you work, where you live, your body, and your view of the bigger picture. Some of this are remnants of dreams from childhood, and some of this is beyond your wildest dreams. Stay "awake" and remain flexible.

AQUARIUS:   So it appears like much may be changing in your family dynamics, along with property matters, maybe even changing vehicles, along with how you do your days. You thought you had this all planned out, and then a miracle occurs that feels more like a challenge. As you rewrap your head around all this, know that your Angels are with you all the way until the revelation as to why this turn in the road occurred. Right now, know that it is happening FOR you and not to you. Roll with it.

"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

GEMINI:  You may be feeling as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders as your Angels are revealing to you the resolution of difficulties and confusion. The end of an addictive and/or co-dependent situation is now creating an opening for your return to loving your"self" and to a download of intuitive insights that you can now trust with all your heart.

PISCES:  A new relationship or emotional experience is forthcoming, and it may begin with a simple invitation to a social event. For so long you have been praying for a more meaningful life, but have been feeling the illusion of being trapped.  Your Angels guide you to make some new changes that also support your desire to move forward to a more rewarding existence. It is simply your choice to do something different than what you have been doing, so that you will receive a different result in regards to your inner happiness.

​​​​​VIRGO:   For so long you have been gathering info, documents, and have questioned every angle as to what is best to do next. Your Angels will be nudging you to let up on yourself and all this detective work, and allow things to unfold naturally. Much of your daily routine will be changing,  along with more short trips to and fro, and things changing by the next breath. This is simply to distract you to allow the Universe to guide you to the next step minute by minute. Keep the faith.

LEO:  Much may be transforming around your career, and or finances, for there may also be a breaking away from dishonest partners or associations. Your Angels see that you are realizing that what you thought you wanted to do for a living, perhaps hasn't delivered the best choices for your happiness. This is a time to get organized, be firm, and use logic and structure, rather than emotions, to increase your overall success. Let go of what no longer feeds your soul.