Celestial Offerings

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"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

You can now pay for your Intuitive Celestial phone coaching consultation by using PAYPAL services. E-mail me FIRST with your request, and I will send you the PAYPAL invoice which enables you to pay securely with your credit card or current PAYPAL account online, and I can also give you appt. time availability.
 I maintain a first paid, first served business.  Your scheduled reading is secured when I receive your payment. PAYPAL transfers funds directly to me. So, as soon as I have confirmation of your payment, I can conduct your reading.   

Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment only, and are not intended for the use or replacement of legal, medical or psychiatric advice. If you have a serious problem or crisis, please consult with an appropriate professional.   

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. To request an appt., please e-mail:JereSkye@angelskyevibes.com  

Celestial Reading/ Spiritual Counseling & Coaching: 

Your "spiritual paramedic" is only an appointment and phone call away!  This is a fun and therapeutic adventure of which cards are drawn from my several unique decks, which hold the wisdom of Angels, Animal Spirits and Totems. From the cards chosen, I shall interpret their meaning and offer guidance in regards to your specific question concerning career, relationships, wellness, dreams, etc..
This is an entertaining journey to enlighten and empower, and to also ignite your own intuition. "A different view....a choice of truths." Your reading always end with the random draw of the "Guardian Angel" that shall be assisting you on your current path or endeavor.  

Energy exchange:   only $125  for a one hour consultation* 

(*PLEASE NOTE that appt. usually runs approx. 90 minutes to allow time for card spread and to communicate your specific concern, plus I just love working with "our" Angels in helping to assist YOU!)

If you are ready to "re-claim your brain", schedule today for a Spiritual coaching consultation by phone. 

**ALL phone consultations will be "confirmed" scheduled after receipt of payment. (e-mail me for the link to pay thru PAYPAL services)

Also please note: Now that I have the PAYPAL e-mail account, you will be able to instantly charge or pay for your reading and have faster access to the next available appt. Consider this as a great alternative for receiving a therapeutic reading from the convenience and comfort of your home. 
I will e-mail asap (between readings) to confirm and secure your appt. day and time after confirmation of payment from Paypal.