"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

GEMINI:  Your Angels notice that even though there has been some "break-downs" in the middle of some crucial intersections of your current journey, know that you can trust in your inner wisdom to make the best choices, not only for your "self", but also for the good of the whole, and the bigger picture. Many opportune events still await your presence and arrival, as you just continue to move forward fearlessly with a clear vision of your intended target, and gathering up the most perfect outcome. Have faith that all is well.

PISCES:  Your Angels urge you to follow thru on the advice you have been given, for you "know" this is urgently important in regards to the challenge you are getting ready to embark on.  Since you have completed the prep work of this life enhancing opportunity, it is now about getting in sync with the vibe that says it is safe to dive in, along with the support of others and/ or another. 

CAPRICORN:  Your Angels notice that you may becoming acutely aware that it was never "just" about the money.  Your relationship to "it" was more about your earlier programming as a child, and what you could and could not do with it. You can now break free of that choke-hold of limited belief about your true abilities and what "it" all means with your current assets and debits. Its all about what you truly value, and is it worth "it" to do whatever it takes to keep "it."


VIRGO:  Your Angels say that this situation calls for "open" and honest conversation and communication, and it is time for you to speak your mind and spiritual truth with the confidence of what you have always known. Others may have tried to keep a "lid" on it, and/ or keep you under their thumb, but this "destiny" energy is now fast moving and long overdo to finally release the wild horse in you out of the "stall." Yee haw!

LEO: All you really have to do right now is simply turn in the direction of what your heart has been "telling" you all along, as you choose to clean "up" your "energy" and release the clutter of "their" opinions and dictates about doing so. Know that better options are ahead, as you heed your Angel's guidance to turn in this other direction, especially away from the "foo-foo views" of others, professional or otherwise

SCORPIO:  Your Angels suggest that you drop the "over-bearing" sandbags of a weighted down past, for you will now certainly allow yourself to expand and soar higher than ever before. Even though, not untill the end of this month, as some of these "hidden blocks" are removed, and from there-on until the end of the year, this could be a time of revelations, spiritual 'awakenings", and those "things" that may have been hidden from you since childhood, come to light. 

LIBRA:  Your Angels want you to understand, that just like a true love, you have formed a more honest,loving and trustworthy relationship with and within yourself. In reflection, you have adjusted to take care of your needs, learned to be more patient with your process of change and challenge, and are discovering and loving these new "parts" of uniqueness that are sprouting forth, because you are finally nurturing and supplementing your heart's desire. What a harvest "YOU" shall display in the upcoming year


Without a doubt,  I believe in Angels,  but oh..   
I sure do not claim to be one."   LOL , Jere "Skye"  

Angel Skye Vibes OCTOBER 2017

​Ponder this:  "If we say it long enough, eventually we're going to reap a harvest. We're going to get exactly what we're                                   saying."  Joel Osteen


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CANCER:  Your Angels want you to know, that even though we do not get to pick our relatives, life does give us second chances to create a nurturing and supporting "tribe" that insures security and emotional pleasantries. Just leave your "light" on for the "embracing" of new rewarding relationships and partnerships

SAGITTARIUS:   Your Angels want you to know that the situation you are experiencing is temporary, and it is also best to wait a bit longer, especially in regards to making any decisions regarding finances or "being your own boss." This is a time when your patience can pay off in ways that may also "pay off" alot of material, as well as, emotional debt. There is a spiritual "hand out" that is currently in the making. Prepare to get your "hands on" this new "source" of healing energy.

AQUARIUS: Your Angels are currently helping you to pave a clear path to your new destination. Even though the journey of speed bumps and detours along the way seemed endless, these were nothing more than to get you to slow down, and perhaps take in another view, so that when the divine time to make the next "right" turn, or take the exit ramp to your destiny, is not "blindly" passed by because of limited "tunnel" vision.

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ARIES:   Where you may be questioning as to where you can make a difference, know that this situation is calling for someone who is grounded, has a gift of being open-minded, and of a nurturing spirit. Your Angels beckon you to ease forward in confidence and show the world your unique talents. Even as family oriented as you are, or may have always desired to be, you must also allow to expand and extend your creativity into your work zone, as well as with the new, or even the possible return of some serious "play" mates.

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TAURUS:  Your Angels notice that you have great inner strength along with a genuine "glow" of kindness, that shall surely be acknowledged.  This month may bring challenge and crossroads, but know the answers lie in the courage of your intentions, even if the "solid" answer boils down to a simple "no." There truly is no problem you can not conquer, for you are stronger and more resourceful than you may realize, and your reward comes in by way of just doing what is right, rather than being motivated by being right.