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Angel Skye Vibes MAy 2017

​Ponder This:  "Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love."  Karolina Kurkova

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ARIES:  The Angels want you to know that as the stage is being set for your next act, this is a crucial time to be gentle with yourself.  You may think you have to keep doing something to get this "show" on the road, but it is now in your best interest to just opt out for a change of scenery.  It is when you have reset and recharged your spirit that the show will then go on, for it really can't begin  without you this time around, since you are now the boss of you.

LEO:  The Angels say that this month is a time to really get honest and tell the truth to yourself about, "if I was unafraid, I would (fill in the blank)". Continue to do this until the truth reveals itself.  Know that trustworthy revelation "lies" behind your veil of fear. As you speak your new truth, it will now be easier to make the commitment to your "self" and your life's purpose. Why do any of this, if you can't be your authentic self in the delivery? When the day is done, it is only you that truly has to "live" with you.

"Angels Gather Here"

      "A different view - A choice of truths"

VIRGO:  The Angels are showing two door keys, of which may represent, as you close and lock the one door behind you, know that you have the "key" resources and information to open and step thru to another door of opportunity. The one door is personal, the other is professional, and it will be up to you as to which one closes and which one opens. Bottom line, you hold the keys to your next entrance and exit. This month starts you down that corri"door" of change. 

SCORPIO: The Angels are guiding you into a "aha" revelation to heal whats been  haunting you for years. When certain circumstances start to unfold, you can expect the unexpected in regards to how you may have perceived it. Soon, when you reflect back on this, you will find the teaching and may even embrace the lesson as well. Allow patience at this time, as you will get the clear signals as to your long term plans that may or may not play out as you previously planned. This change in "you" makes it good for many.


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TAURUS: When you hear a time bomb ticking, the thought of something going off can up the angst of "when?" which makes the clock sound like it is ticking louder and spike your "senses" even more.  The Angels suggest stop watching the clock, take some quality time to rest and recalibrate, then dig in and see this situation through to its completion. The distraction of the "ticking" is the only thing that is holding you hostage. Perhaps, imagine that each tick and tock that you hear is one more slow and steady step forward in time that is taking you clearly to the answer of when and even where of which will eventually "defuse" the situation.

LIBRA:  Your Angels know that you have been tested in numerous ways, and at times you may have felt like calling it quits, or was just too tired to even press forward. But, results are in, and your Angel's applaud on a job well done. Even in those times when you may have underestimated yourself, others took notice of your perseverance, patience and courage that kept you inching along. You have stood the test of time, and now you can safely spread your "seasoned" wings and fly in the direction of success. You are emerging into a time to confidently assert your "gifts" and independence, and know that you now have "genuine" support that is backing and "banking" on you. Embrace your new tribe and territory.

AQUARIUS: For a while, you may have been playing it safe, or just not feeling good enough. As you enter into this time of heightened awareness, it will be harder to continue doing as you have done.  The Angels are here to show you a new way, a better way, to break thru those barriers of resistance or playing it small.  Remember, hummingbirds may be small, but they are very unique in their abilities, especially being the only bird to be able to fly backwards.  "Reversing" your thinking is what is going to "fly" you forward, and reveal your true talents and destiny.

CAPRICORN:  This month, for all those who stayed the course of challenges and change, you may start to receive important psychic insights and revelations, for there are still events going on behind the scene yet to be revealed. It is a time to keep the faith and to recognize and release any fears that hold you back, for in the upcoming months, gifts of time, money, and even new career opportunities could "present" themselves. The slate is being wiped clean for those who took on the tasks at hand. The weight of "debts" being paid "off" may also be coming into the new equation as well. 

CANCER:  The Angels want you to kick up your heels and keep dancing, for your spirit is alive and well and creating a healing difference in your life.  As you continue to focus on Diviine and perfect health, you can continue to take action and follow the promptings of your heart. Yes, it is your time to dance to a new "beat", and perhaps "tap" into a side of your soul that expresses a new found freedom of movement.

GEMINI: Still feeling lost? Your Angels are showing a compass with a spinning dial.  It may have seemed like forever that you have been feeling misplaced, and each time you try to go in a different direction, you feel like you are "spinning" your wheels, since you seem to keep ending up in the same spot as before.  This may be the time to put the "broken" instrument down and look "up" to follow the magnetic pull of your heart, by following your own "GPS" guiding star.  Allow your "inner compass" to go towards the "sunbeam" that you know is shining the light on the correct path for you.

PISCES:  The Angels recognize that even though you may know the direction in which you wish to go, the path would be easier to journey if you could see a bit better through this over-cast, fog and dimness. Know that you are entering into a time of a fresh start and new beginnings, and all that is required is to flip on the "light" switch inside of your soul, and you shall clearly see the way from there.

SAGITTARIUS: So, can you feel all the shifts and changes? One day you feel amazing and energized, then next day you feel like your brain got sucked up into a vacuum, and you can't remember your own name? The Angels are surrounding each and every one of you to "dig in" to your courage and stamina to get you to that much awaited finish line. With so many delays, reversals, and unexpected feelings and setbacks, there also came surprise of new ideas, options, and opportunities that you never believed could be a possibility. Invite in this time of second chances, new understanding, and detoxing from that "other" life that no longer serves you.