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                    Angel Skye Vibes January 2017

Ponder This:    "People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar."  Thich Nhat Hanh

ARIES:  The Angels want you to know that even though events may be starting to move at an accelerated pace, and most of the stalling around and delays are almost over, it may still be bad timing to push your plan forward. With so many things happening and releasing at once, it has key individuals mis-aligned at the moment. So trying to initiate your ideas, revisions or inspirations now, instead of waiting until a better balance or flow is in place, will only cause you more frustration. Allow the stampede to run and stomp ahead, for after that chaos passes by, you shall be a welcomed sight of calmness, control and confidence, and you will then have a better chance to be seen and heard when not pushing with the other masses of change. 

TAURUS:  Your Angels remind you, that if you know in your heart what your true intentions are, and you are giving that your full attention, know that you just need to continue to let go and trust the outcome, and therefore you shall have no angst of how it's going to happen. If you haven't figured it out yet, there is an "invisible" divine force that will take you to where you want to go, if you just "let go" and stay out of "your way." You really do not need to jump off a ledge and splatter on the pavement to understand the invisible energy of gravity, but you can take a leap of "faith" to certainly jump over and thru your "blocks" of fear.  

GEMINI: Your Angels notice that there is a part of you that may have to admit to the truth that it WAS Ok with you to remain in such a safe "harbor" for so long, but your comfort zone is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable, for all the "signs" are showing how much you have "outgrown" this condition and situation. You are "expanding" your spiritual realm more and more each day, as you receive even more spiritual synchronicities. These are not coincidences, this is just the proof of a divine plan in place. Pay attention to the NEW directions coming forth! Where you thought your life became such a "shipwreck", was the very place you had to go to be pulled out from under the "strangling seaweed" of a past that no longer serves you, or the fear-based beliefs that you may have 'inherited" from others. 

CANCER:   The Angels reveal that this month shall be one of renewal and grace, once you have taken the time to review and evaluate what has been put before you. You may find that after you make a fair assessment of all the facts, and truly stick to the facts, this could reveal it is a favorable time to start making the plans to move in that new direction that has been beckoning you. By trusting this revelation, and being open to the change it brings, this significant life event will launch you into a "higher" place to fly with your new wings of security and maturity. 

LEO:  The Angels show a puzzle all put together, except one piece is missing.  These next few months is when all it takes is one sentence, a word, song, a bumper sticker or finding a feather, coins, picture that gives you the "Aha" moment that allows you to put the final piece into this incomplete picture, and the finishing touches to a long-standing issue. You have been so close and entangled in this situation, and so busy trying to keep it all together, that the one thing you are needing for completion has probably been in your "heart" pocket all along. Step back, sit down, and just allow it to "present" itself. You did all the work you needed to do, but what's really missing in all this, now that things are in place? Your heart knows the answer, and when your heart is back in the game again, this last piece will be the easiest to "fit" and just may reveal the hidden gift of this entire experience. You know the mind will make up stories to simply cope, but the eyes and heart "show" and know the truth. 

VIRGO:  The Angels have noticed that these last few months may have stirred up some fears surrounding money and sources of security and income. During those scary times, you also may have tapped into a wise inner guidance within that has led you to ask and accept help and or advice from others. The magic that has come from that vulnerability is showing that you clearly have the resources, support system, and abilities to manifest your own abundance and prosperity. You shall see in the next few months that you are ready to be prosperous and any uncertainty with finances, self-employment issues, or your main source of income, shall simply evaporate, and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  You "know", it really never was about the money.  

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LIBRA:  The Angels know that for so long you have been the team player, and at times credit went to others when it should of been equally acknowledged that you played an important part of the creation and execution of the project. Right now, this experience has given you the insight of having made some unwise choices, and what you can learn from this situation is clearly what the motives of others truly are.  From here on out, you know exactly what to do and when to do it. You may be on the team and all for the team,(whether it be friends, family, or a key relationship) but sometimes you just have to "intercept" the ball and run as fast as you can, all by yourself, until you reach the "goal" post. You are headed for a win/win in all this, and let the others get "crushed" a bit for the extra points if they think they need it, but know, you will have already "scored" the big numbers that matter the most when it gets down to your "end" results.

SCORPIO:  The Angels say, that it is as if you bought a new digital camera and are now looking thru a different lens. That being said, it is also an awareness, that this new way of "taking a picture" for you to keep as evidence of it's existence, will also require that you learn a whole new way to put "what you see" in the best light and focus. You know how to take photos, but with this new "equipment", you may have to relearn and practice a bit by zooming in or out a few times to get the best shot for you to enjoy at a later date. You already have the vision and took a "mental" picture, and with the "energy" source of today, things can appear before you quickly. No more waiting in the dark for things to develop.

SAGITTARIUS:  Right now, your Angels urge that you check into other resources, for there is a better course of action available to you. It is safe for you to be a bit more trusting, for working alone thru all this may not lead you to the best resolve. (There is a reason and value to co-pilots to help deter tunnel vision and fatigue and guiding a "plane" to a safe landing when a full view is in sight) You may want to question are you really seeing things clearly, and paying attention to the details? It's when you make the courageous choice to implement a change to this situation with the help of resourceful others, that finally sets you free of this long drawn out dilemma, so you may return to a more passionate and productive life.

CAPRICORN:  This month. your Angels suggest that you keep your eyes on the big picture, and leave the details and drama to others. You are in a position to listen to and follow your heart as an experience is getting ready to come forth that leads to success. Even though you have a genuine concern for others, the timing of this needs your full attention, so that you can finally release yourself from a burdensome situation that you know has been putting the brakes on your accomplishments and bank account. Your invitation for celebration shall soon arrive to claim the rewards for your discipline and hard work.

AQUARIUS: Your Angels announce that the dress rehearsals are over, for it is your time to stand on your own without anyone making anymore decisions for you. How can anyone know your truth of how much you shine until you step out onto the stage of your own life and let the world see the "diamond" that you are?  To keep believing you have no control over your own life, has now become an obvious excuse and avoidance of what it might take for you to have what you say you truly desire. Are you not working harder to avoid what you know you now must do? You have all the tools and resources you need to write your own script and how you want this to lead to a happy resolve. How did you not notice that you ARE the main character in these exciting "theatrics?" Your "standing" ovation awaits, once you come out from behind that "limiting" curtain. 

PISCES: Your Angels suggest that it appears alot of what you have put yourself thru was because of not questioning some of your "false" beliefs of what you thought was going to happen if you chose the actions that would of made you happier. Perhaps your ego talked you into the feelings of the expectations of who you "think" you are and should have, and is not matching up with how you really feel about yourself deep inside.  It is time for an old fashion "clear out", detox, purification ritual of letting go of what is holding you down and back. Go for the new beginnings and a fresh start starting mid month.  Dig deep into your heart and release those unfair judgments of yourself. It was never about "them", it was always about what you kept believing of why and what you couldn't have or be. This is simply about SELF-forgiveness, and extreme self-CARE, and recreating your authentic truth.

If you desire to "reclaim your brain" and explore more, choose to book an appt. for a therapeutic in-depth phone consultation. Please e-mail your appt. request to:, or click on celestialofferings for more details and fee. 
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