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                    Angel Skye Vibes February 2017

Ponder This: "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor."  English Proverb

ARIES:  This month, your Angels are helping to heal your "gut" in a way that reconnects to your true identity and to esteem your self confidence, while simultaneously allowing your heart to mend of old emotional pain.  As this process is in motion, this opens a door to receive new blessings and love, for when the opportunity does come to truly get to know one another, the revelation of your innermost selves also permits your bond to deepen. 

TAURUS:  This month is about changing your focus and letting go of control issues. Your Angels suggest that you just allow this "new" partnership/ relationship to unfold naturally, as you trust and follow thru on a new health/ wealth and/or career opportunity. Much is on the line for all parties involved, so the investment of time and energy is as equal to your own. or is it? This where your focus needs to be. Simply do your part as per your intended word, and the flow will go in the proper direction.

GEMINI: So your Angels are noticing that codependency and certain addictions may be what is affecting your romantic life or a significant friendship. They have been tapping on the top of your head to "download" you with new awareness and spiritual insight. Find time this month to reconnect with nature somehow, so that the energy of rejuvenation and inspired existence can show you the process of renewal and change. Time to "feel" the truth, and discover a new found freedom to "just be you"

CANCER:  Your Angels know you have had plenty of time to re-evaluate the past and the present so you can plan a manageable new future. You have had your share of being weighed down by too many obligations and responsibilities, and you are very aware of all the work and very little play. The old pattern of "the need to please", now requires to be released, and allowing more fun and frolic into your world.

LEO:  It's important this month that you pay attention to the red flags around certain relationships. Your Angels have been showing you "signs" to be cautious, for not all is as it appears. You are required to have patience around this, for what you are really asking for is coming about, but there are unseen factors that need to reveal themselves first before you get in way too deep. Stop, step back, and truly observe. Is what you believed about this taking you to how you want to succeed in the bigger picture? If not, you created this, so you can re-create it again to insure your gain, without another's hidden agenda to just secure their own on your time and dime.

VIRGO: Your Angels want you to use your abilities to resolve this obstacle of defeatism and change. You know you can do this. This is a time of forgiving and learning, and as you choose to release and heal the past, you can experience more love and victory in your present moments. Time to embrace your personal energies and support this process of integration of having an open and grateful heart. This beautiful momentum is sure to bowl over any old lingering doubts of what surely can be possible going forward.

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LIBRA: It may be difficult to believe at this point, after years of intense challenge and change, but very soon, as you clearly "vision" what you desire and deserve, the simple act of detaching and letting go, allows it to flow to you with the "signs and signals" of more on the way this year.  This is the set up of important dreams coming true, and yet they may appear in unexpected and surprising ways. Trusting this new flow of manifesting energy, and being relaxed with the process, rapidly attracts your deepest, almost forgotten, heart's desires.

SCORPIO:  This month, your Angels prepare you for an important, life-changing event, and it is important to let go of old belief systems that no longer support you, if you want this situation to lead you to significant opportunities. For so long you have been dealing with opposing goals arising from the conflicting opinions of others, and feeling at odds with yourself. Be true to you when the "change" comes to you. This truth sets you free.

SAGITTARIUS: This month, your Angels are walking by your side as you embark on a new adventure. This is a time to trust yourself, and your natural gifts and abilities, and your plans should work out perfectly. Stay grateful for the many blessings you have so far, and embrace your true purpose, for your new ideas could also lead to rewards and recommendations. This long awaited opportunity was simply about divine timing.

CAPRICORN:   Ah-hem..Ok, Your Angels notice alot of clearing of your throat, as if you have something you have been wanting to say. As you step back and retreat a bit from this situation, you will clearly get the courage to ask for what you really want, based on how you truly feel. What you request has more chance of being granted when you decide to speak up. By now you have to know they can't read your mind, and thank goodness for that, cause what you think and what you feel are of two different meanings.

AQUARIUS:  Recently you may have been feeling down-hearted, but your Angels are flying in with the message that everything's okay, and things are working out in a glorious way. This month shall have some movement of your heart muscle and you will be tuned in to its uplifting beat. Your questions of true love reveals its answers when you remain true to what is your authentic reflection to another, and theirs to yours. Stay out of the stinkin thinking for this just could be the romance of a lifetime, even if being renewed after much review.

PISCES:  Your Angels know that you just want to share all your love, but in one particular instance, there's not enough attraction or chemistry to keep this relationship going. As you surrender the need to control and "be loved", your relaxed energy will attract your deeper desires faster than playing this old game of pain. Allow something new to come forth, and do not worry that your heart might break, for the crack you "hear" deep inside is more about your heart opening to something better.

If you desire to "reclaim your brain" and explore more, choose to book an appt. for a therapeutic in-depth phone consultation. Please e-mail your appt. request to:, or click on celestialofferings for more details and fee. 
Free your mind....the sky's the limit!  

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